The Great Food Rescue

Is food waste high on your agenda? Did you see the BBC Program about the charity that has sprung up with the assistance of volunteers and how they are trying to turn their venture into a national phenomenon. There are already small groups working throughout the country recycling the waste, perfectly edible food that would otherwise go into landfill.

Beginning in Oxford, six years ago this great group of people are now spreading their venture to London and eventually throughout the country. The volunteers collect unwanted food items from small and large supermarkets, specialist shops and wholesalers. Much of the produce never even gets into the shops, although I see Tesco and possibly others do have a wonky veg area. The national waste is humongous, a supply of perfectly good edible food in currently wasted.

The team is headed by Robin Aikin and David Cains and supported by over a hundred volunteer in their initial area. They have contacted local charities who feed the homeless and destitute, pensioners and those that are struggling to make ends meet. What a great community effort, what a great way to make a difference.

Caring about people is important in all walks of life, especially in business.올인구조대 Businesses are changing their attitude possibly encouraged by the competition from the internet which is growing at a phenomenal rate in all areas.

Customer service is the new trend, people are tired of being taken advantage of. Insurance companies and some other national companies who give reference to new customers at the expense of loyal customers, will soon find it no-longer works and they will be losing regular customers at an alarming rate. Once again the internet, and comparison sites are creating customer awareness.

So if you run a business take care of your customers, be honest in your dealings, treat them fairly and give generous value; plus excellent service and you will have loyal customers and recommends. It is harder and more expensive to find new customers than to keep loyal ones satisfied,

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